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“The ascent to the Divine life is the human journey.” - Sri Aurobindo

Puducherry, formerly known as Pondicherry, was the cultural and spiritual abode of learned scholars in the Indian Vedic tradition. Sage Agastya, the revered saint of Southern India, was the patron of this centre of Vedic learning. Centuries later, Sri Aurobindo settled down for tapasya in the same Vedapuri, which had once prospered under the aegis of legendary Agastya. This was no coincidence. Puducherry is the destination for all those looking for a meaningful purpose in life. 

Filled with boundless beaches, natural groves, heritage buildings, French and Tamil quarters with their remarkable aristocratic architecture, ancient temples and churches giving an epochal feel, this cosmopolitan city offers abundant things to do and see.

Through AuraJourneys we aspire to provide our patrons with an immersive experience connecting them with the ancient and subtle energies that continue to exist at important sacred sites in Puducherry. AuraJourneys’ sustainable tourism practices work towards helping the local artisans and craftsmen of Puducherry, making your journey both transformative and memorable.

Join us at AuraJourneys for a conscious tourism experience of Puducherry.

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Some of our unique experiences by Aura Journeys Team

Very well explained tour. Loved the concept of seeing Pondicherry via a cycle rickshaw and getting to know about its history. Aura Tour guide patiently explained every little detail and took us to the nooks and corners.

Ashima Virmani


Fascinating life time experience of solar eclipse which we could know and view (courtesy AURA). Wonderful ambience and nicely explained!

Abhijit Chatterjee


The trip was very good. We saw new places which gave me a good experience to know about Pondicherry being a beautiful place.

Vishruti Shah


The Trip was wonderful, we were driven around Pondy heritage cites and Ashram cites. Aura Tour personnel’s guidance was very informative. Through this trip, we could understand a lot about Pondicherry having rich heritage and culture. Thank you very much AURA journeys

Sudarsanan V.G.


Our guide from Aura Journeys was very knowledgeable about heritage and history of Pondicherry. Was very courteous and showed us around the hidden gems. Wish we had more time and energy. Next time we will try biking probably!! Thanks a lot Aura Journeys.

Santhanakrishna Vaidiswaran


We both thoroughly enjoyed it a lot. There was a detailed explanation of everything and he patiently answered all our queries. It was lovely and informative tour. Would rate it 10/10 for the tour guide.



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