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Sandal Fragrance Gift Set


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Sandal Fragrance Gift Set

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Unique & handcrafted sandal gift box for all occasions. Corrugated Sandal Gift Set is hand-designed by Aura Store, Puducherry. This store is situated near Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry. It contains 1pc. perfume sachet, 25 pcs. handmade small-sized incense sticks, 10 pcs. incense cones and 1 pc. multi-purpose porcelein incense/cone holder.

Our collections are all-natural, essential oil based, air-cleansing incenses, crafted with care and hand-rolled by expert artisans. Enjoy the holy fragrance of nature with this sandal gift box.

Sandal fragrance is renowned for its soothing qualities and helps promote peaceful sleep. It is often used for its calming and stress-relieving properties. Inhaling the scent may promote a sense of relaxation and emotional balance.

This pack contains:

Perfume Sachet: Sandal perfume sachet is a small, scented bag or pouch filled with sandalwood fragrant dried flowers, herbs & spices to emit a pleasant aroma. These sachets are commonly used to add a delightful scent to enclosed spaces like drawers, closets or luggage. 

Incense Sticks: Incense has been used as a sacred offering from ancient times. The aroma from sandal incense sticks also called Agarbatti purifies the inner being and the outer atmosphere, and removes negativity. Sandal mini incense sticks fragrance complies with IFRA standards with ethical manufacturing protocols

Incense Cones: The cones are made by blending aromatic materials, often including finely ground herbs, resins, and essential oils extracted from sandalwood. The mixture is then formed into cone shapes using a binding agent. To use a sandal incense cone, you place it in a suitable incense holder. Light the tip of the cone, allowing it to catch fire. After a moment, blow out the flame, leaving the cone to smolder. As it burns, the cone releases fragrant smoke into the air

Incense/Cone Holder: Its a multi-functional holder made of porcelein, designed to accommodate both incense sticks and cones, providing flexibility for users. An incense/cone holder also known as an incense burner/holder, is a decorative and functional item designed to safely hold and burn incense sticks or cones.

Details of the Product:

  • Item Code: AHS55
  • Sandal Gift Set Contains: 1pc. Perfume Sachet, 25 pcs. Mini Incense Sticks, 10 pcs. Incense Cones and 1 pc. Incense/Cone Holder
  • Occasion: Ideal gifts for Anniversaries, House Warming or Birthdays
  • Delivery Time: 6-7 days
  • Weight: 300 gms.
  • Size: Height: 16.5cm, Breadth: 22cm
  • Country of Origin: India

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    Sandal Fragrance Gift Set

    Sandal Fragrance Gift Set

    ₹ 395.00₹ 350.00