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The Mother with The Mother's Comments by Sri Aurobindo from Pondicherry


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The Mother with The Mother's Comments by Sri Aurobindo from Pondicherry

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This soft cover book contains The Mother by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother's spoken comments on passages from the book, made during her evening classes at the Sri Aurobindo's Ashram Playground, Pondicherry.

This book is 216 pages and carries inspirational essays by Sri Aurobindo with a powerful statement of the true attitude to be taken by a sadhak of the Integral Yoga: one of a complete and dynamic surrender to The Mother.

The first set of comments were given in 1951 and the second in 1954. From the publisher's note, "These comments do not form a systematic commentary on Sri Aurobindo's work but are rather explanations of certain passages, phrases, and words. The Mother usually began the class by reading out a passage from the book, then commented on it or invited questions from those gathered around her."

Sri Aurobindo Ghosh, a yogi, seer, philosopher, poet and Indian Nationalist who propounded a philosophy of divine life on earth through spiritual evolution.

"Mirra Alfassa - The Mother or La Mère (21 February 1878 – 17 November 1973), The spiritual collaborator of Sri Aurobindo, who considered her to be of equal yogic stature to him and called her by the name ""The Mother"". Around 1924 she founded the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. In 1943, she started a school in the Ashram named Sri Aurobindo International Center of Education. Sri Aurobindo Society was started by the Mother in 19th September 1960. She was not only the founder and the Executive President. In 1968 established Auroville, an experimental township dedicated to human unity and evolution. She was influential on the subject of Integral Yoga.. 

They describe the triple movement of aspiration, rejection, and surrender, the conditions for true faith and sincerity, the irresistible power of the Divine Mother's grace, the need to reconquer the money force for the Mother's work and the joy of a perfect instrumentality through selfless work, surmounting the demands of the ego. The final piece describes the four great powers and personalities of the Divine Mother.

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    • ISBN Code: 978-81-7058-671-5
    • Subject: The Mother By Sri Aurobindo, With The Mother's Comments 
    • Pages: 216 
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    The Mother with The Mother's Comments by Sri Aurobindo from Pondicherry

    The Mother with The Mother's Comments by Sri Aurobindo from Pondicherry

    ₹ 145.00