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City of Dawn

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Auroville wants to be a universal town where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony, above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities. The purpose of Auroville is to realise human unity”. – The Mother

A visit to Auroville is an unforgettable experience of a lifetime! This township is situated in around 15 km from the city of Pondicherry located in Tamil Nadu.Auroville is a universal township in the making with a population of up to 50,000 with people, belonging to different cultures, customs and religions visiting and living here from nearly 50 countries across the globe.

In 1968 MirraAlfassa, or The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, founded Auroville or the ‘City of Dawn’also conceived as a ‘Universal Town’.  In late 1965, Roger Anger, the French architect to whom the Mother had asked to design the future town, brought to her a map of the area north of Pondicherry. The Mother concentrated and pointed to a particular area on the map. Anger drove to the area where she had pointed at and found there a solitary banyan tree on mostly a barren land overlooking the Bay of Bengal. The Mother was delighted by the presence of the banyan tree, regarded as a sacred tree in India. This is when she decided to make it the community’s geographical centre.

 “Let the Matrimandir be the living symbol of Auroville’s aspiration for the Divine”. – The Mother’s Message for the laying of the Matrimandir foundation stone, 21 Feb 1971

Apart from the numerous activities visitors can enjoy such as theaterperformances, workshops, exhibitions, film screenings, kalari, therapies, yoga, tai-chi, watsu, permaculture and natural farming technique lessons, visitors can also go swimming, surfing and diving along the coast.

We at Aura Journeys will ensure your Auroville experience is an enjoyable as well as a serene one with its laid-back beach eco-system, artful Mediterranean cafés, tropical climate peppered with pristine forests and a Botanical Garden, quaint boutiques and more – introducing to an alternative lifestyle infused with immense peace and tranquillity.

Notes: Light and Comfortable clothing, kindly carry hats, sanitizers, shoes, shades, sunscreen lotion, Organic Insect Repellent, some bites for your personal use.

Booking: One day before .

Venue & Time : AURA, 9.00 AM to 01.00 PM / 01.00 PM to 05.00 PM

Duration : 4 hr | Car Tour | Storyteller for tour & handouts. 

Supplements available with additional cost - Car for the tour. Bicycle to explore AUROVILLE. Customised workshops to indulge.Lunch arrangements.Water bottle.

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City of Dawn

City of Dawn

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