Hanuman or The Way of the Wind (Tales and Legends of India )

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Hanuman or The Way of the Wind (Tales and Legends of India )


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Author: Kireet Joshi

Publishing Info: 1st Edition -2013

Who has not dreamed of overleaping all obstacles? Who, tired of endlessly boxing with a recalcitrant reality has never felt like ending the bout once and for all, the sparring that leaves us reeling and groggy , and with one powerful leap find himself on the other side ? Far from the exhausting back-breaking roads, on a path is light , on the way of the wind. According to Hindu mythology it is Hanuman who can lead us onto this path. Because to fly on the path of the wind one must become the wind, and Hanuman is the prince of the air . “Vayuputara” or the son of Vayu , God of the Wind. And what is the wind if not that which outmanoeuvres all hindrances , bypasses obstacles, finds the opening and plunges into it ; chooses to caress or strike , has no fixed form yet can take any form , always perfectly filling the space it occupies, always the exact measure of any adversary? In the epic of the Ramayana, Hanuman , the Monkey-God , Son of Vyau , is the faithful messenger of King Rama. He represents the ideal of the highest and most ardent devotion.

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