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Aura - Experience the Difference

“There is, behind all things, a divine beauty, a divine harmony: it is with this that we must come into contact; it is this that we must express.”

— The Mother

Aura is an Experience with a difference. Aura has been founded with an aspiration to create a conscious space, radiating beauty and joy through all its products and services. It strives to build collaborative partnerships for a higher purpose, based on trust and mutual respect.
As an inclusive project, helping to provide skills and employment, and with a focus on highest standards of quality, Aura is committed to sustaining livelihoods locally as well as in other parts of India.

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Vision and Mission

At Aura, we seek to provide in various ways a unique and holistic experience that encompasses our four ideals of aspiration, unity, radiance and abundance.

a an Aspiration for the divine beauty,
u a search for the Unity in creation,
r a manifestation of the Radiance within,
a an expression of inner and outer Abundance.

Aura Has Five Verticals

1. AuraStore

Welcome, may all who enter as Guests, leave as Friends!

One of the finest boutiques in Pondicherry, offering a vast array of products ranging from

  • Apparel
  • Jewellery
  • Home Decor
  • Health and Personal care line
  • Organic food items
  • Much more
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2. AuraBookstore

Bookstores always remind me that there are good things in this world. ― Vincent Van Gogh

AuraBookstore has a fine selection of books and compilations on various genres by distinguished writers and publishers. The range includes inspirations related to life and its journey, education, spirituality, experiences of pathfinders, philosophy with a deeper insight, self–development, management and other contents for lighter yet profound reading. It also has books to widen and deepen the understanding of Nature, to discover the various aspects of oneself, as well as books for Children. There is a special focus on the Integral Yoga and the vision of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother

3. AuraJourneys

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveller is unaware. — Martin Buber

These journeys are designed to bring an immersive, meaningful, and enriching experience. Filled with boundless beaches, natural groves, heritage buildings, French and Tamil quarters with their remarkable architecture, ancient temples and churches giving an epochal feel, this cosmopolitan city of Puducherry offers abundant things to do and see.

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4. AuraCafé

I love coming into a little café in some other part of the world and just feeling at home. ― From a Travelogue.

That’s exactly the experience that Auracafé gives to everyone. The space, the comfort and the coziness overlooking a vast horizon of sky and ocean, just to sit back and relax, by yourself or your company, indulging in assorted treats of premium chocolates, pastries, cakes, ice creams, desserts, sandwiches and hot and cold beverages over the counter, for an incredible experience.

5. AuraEvents

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success. ― Henry Ford

Events, workshops, hands-on training, exhibitions, interactions and organised sessions in various fields, enhance, enrich and refine your knowledge and skills, through participation, learning, and connecting together. We regularly organise a variety of events and offer such a space for a collaborative experience for conducting these programmes, thus communing and sharing the deep creative joy.

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All Profits for Social Cause

All profits from Aura sales go towards the social transformation programmes, projects and initiatives of Sri Aurobindo Society.

Sri Aurobindo Society

Sri Aurobindo Society (SAS) is an international, spiritual, cultural, not-for-profit NGO. SAS has been recognized by the Government of India as a Charitable Organization, a Research Institute and an Institution of Importance throughout India.

With its head office in Puducherry and over 300 branches and centres, SAS invites participation from all those who want to work together for a better tomorrow, with no distinction of nationality, religion, caste or gender.

SAS organizes programmes and initiatives that seek to bring dynamic Spirituality into material life and all its activities. It works in the fields of Integral Yoga, Education, Health, Palliative care, Rural development, Sustainable development, Indian Culture and Sanskrit, Youth, Women, Leadership and Management, and Media, Arts and Communication.


‘The world is preparing for a big change. Will you help?’
– The Mother

If you would like to know more about the AuraExperience, be connected with us, or to participate and contribute to the collective creation of a new world, a better and happier future for all, please get in touch via aura@auroservice.com